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Building Services

Our firm is a traditional consulting firm for technical building services. All technical facilities are planned in-house by our own employees, who possess all the requisite skillsets.

We see ourselves as the perfect blend of ‘young and old’ – experienced staff and young engineers trained to the latest standards. This is also reflected in our company management.

The firm was founded and promoted by our current senior partner Dipl.-Ing. Hans Süss in Nuremberg in 1976. When his sons joined the firm in 1998 and 2001, bringing their own skillsets to the mix, continuity was assured. Over the course of our steady expansion, we opened a branch in Munich in 2003, and a further branch is set to follow in Frankfurt.

It is crucial to the success of the company for all three managers to be involved in project work in addition to their administrative responsibilities.

The functional relationship between management and employees is well defined. The delegation of administrative tasks ensures that the management can focus on direct project work as well as on the supervision and coaching of project teams.

Transfer and exchange of innovation within the company is efficient, the management has detailed knowledge of projects and employees can be optimally motivated and guided.

The first thing to note is that if we can plan it, we know how.

We handle projects in the following fields, in accordance with Part 4 § 51 – 54 HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers):

  • Sewage, water and gas facilities (sanitation, swimming pool engineering, technical gases, fire extinguishing systems)
  • Heat supply systems (heating, local heating plants, energy generation, combined heat and power plants)
  • Technical environmental systems (ventilation, air conditioning and cooling)
  • Power plants (electrical engineering, lighting systems)
  • Telecommunication and information systems (communication technology, safety systems, media technology)
  • Conveyor systems (lift facilities, lifting platforms, pneumatic delivery systems)
  • User-specific facilities (clean-room engineering, varnishing chambers, dust extraction, etc.)
  • Building automation.

Alongside more traditional engineering services, we also advise construction clients during project development and provide solutions to project crises, perform technical project steering services, implement complex fire protection requirements in technical solutions and provide the following as foundations for projects:

  • Energy studies
  • Building and facility simulations
  • Simulations of artificial lighting and natural light

We see ourselves as services providers first and engineers second. Technically speaking, our range of services is very broad. We determine the scope of services for each project in consultation with our clients to obtain a tailor-made solution adapted to specific requirements.